International Shipping

For international shipping we will arrange a quote provided by a freight forwarding company to be sent to you. Details about the fees will be on their quote. If there are any import taxes and fees at destination port they will not be included on the quote. The necessary documents and requirements for international shipping will also be completed for you by the freight forwarding company. You will pay for your shipping invoice directly to the freight forwarding company.

You are not obliged to except the quote from the freight forwarding company; it is simply a service we provide if required.

The balance owing on your invoice, and any outstanding bank fees will be due before your goods are sent to the shipping company.

Deliveries within Indonesia

We use local delivery services in Indonesia. A price estimate from one of the local delivery services can be obtained if required.

We cannot be held responsible for your goods once the delivery company has made the collection. If goods are delivered damaged, you have the option to make an insurance claim with the delivery company, or upon return of damaged goods to our warehouse, at the buyers’ expense, you have the option to re-order at a 50% discount.

We do take all care in providing the appropriate packaging of our goods for transport. However, for additional protection, wood crate can be used at an additional cost.

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